To Co-Founders

Dear Prospective Co-founder,

Thanks for being interested in having me as a co-founder. I think having great co-founders can make all the difference.

With that being said, finding the RIGHT co-founders is as important as finding great ones. I hope to communicate with you here what my goals and values are, also what I am looking for in a co-founder myself.

My Goals:

Building tech startup: utilizing web application and mobile applications. No specific audience or idea in mind yet, along the lines like matching platform (gogovan) or self-serve platform (wix).

My Mission and Vision:

To use technology to provide value and help especially those who are less privileged. To lessen the wealth gap in society through business and entrepreneurship.

My Experience/Strength and Weakness:

Experience: Co-founder of online tutoring platform 3 years as COO of web design company.

Strengths: Problem Solving, Logical Thinking, Organization and Systematization.

Skills: Web Development (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/MySQL), Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Apple Filemaker, MS Excel

Weakness: Networking and Socializing, negotiation skills

What I look for in Co-founders:

Someone as passionate about doing tech-startup as much as I do. Willing to work HARD and work SMART. Someone dedicated to success as much as myself.

Someone that needs my strengths, and has strengths that can complement my weakness.

Particularly looking for a CEO character, with strengths in people skills, networking and socializing, negotiation and fundraising.

Someone as focused on doing this as myself (Not working part-time job elsewhere, not running another business elsewhere).

If you think I’m a good match for you and vice versa, please contact me, let’s meet for coffee and have a chat!.

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