The Social Employment Contract

As a company culture, you should establish a social employment contract with your employees.

With employment law like here in HK or US, you can terminate anyone instantly for the most part, and vice versa if they’d like to quit.

I think this is a good policy that there’s no law governing these things. However, it could create a lot of problem for either the individual being fired, or for the company if the employee quit without notice.

So the good protocol is to establish a “social contract” with your employees. First, reassure them that they will not be fired on short notice, unless it was something very serious. They’ll always receive notification about poor performance, receive benefits of the doubt, and be given opportunities to either switch roles, improve, or demote (although demotion i think will rarely work).

On the other hand, the employee should be responsible to tell you when they are unhappy at your company, to give you a chance to “fix” it, if possible. Maybe they are getting bored and not challenged. Maybe they think they are severely undercompensated. Maybe their superiors are treating them badly. In any case, they need to let the company know and give you a chance, or if they are leaving for sure, give you plenty of time to hire someone else or make adjustment.

Of course there will still be cases where that didn’t work out, but I think this social contract will be good for both the company and the employees, and good to establish as a company culture.

it was from a video on an interview of Jason Nazar with Matt Blumberg… and Matt has published a post on “How to quit your job”, and here’s the good takeaway i got from it.


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