Quiz Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a nice idea I heard today about affiliate marketing. It’s the idea of using quiz.

People are surfing on facebook, they see a quiz about something of their passion, they’d want to take it and see how well they do, show off their high score to their friends.

Here┬ácomes the punch… you set up a quiz, and as a reward for their great score (top x%), they get a FREE month, FREE abc, etc…┬áto xyz.com. (and of course, you earn an affiliate commission from xyz.com, or xyz.com is your own business)

Here the concept behind the idea. If you offer something for free to someone, they’d just be like yeah, whatever. no thanks.

BUT, if they invested time and energy in doing something, and they got that same free thing as a REWARD, now they’re like, sure i’ll take it, i’ve earned it. If I didn’t take it, I’m losing out.

It’s irrational, but the perceived value of that free thing increased.

I don’t have something to try this out yet, but it seems like this would really work. Will make a post update when I have tried my hands on something.

Source credit: Jeremy “shoemoney” schoemaker.

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