Physical Exercise! DO IT!

I exercise everyday (mostly running). Let me just sum up benefits below (targeted to answer the question, “but i dont have time for exercise!”)

1. You get better sleep – Physical tiredness is important for a good night’s sleep. And good night’s sleep is important for efficiency for the next day.

2. You get more focused – Your physical body works better, and that helps your mind work better

3. You can happier – Research shows physical exercise are tied to higher happiness level

4. You get healthier – you just get less work done when you are sick

You should keep exercise to about 30-45 minutes per day, too much then you don’t want to go do it and couldn’t keep it up. Too little and its not effective. I find just running to be best based on my research. I also lift a little but nothing fancy.

Most importantly, I make it easy enough on myself that I can get the momentum to keep doing it everyday. I have slipped into phases where I didn’t want to go, and stopped for a while, back when I pushed myself too hard. Now I just take it easy, but able to keep it up everyday.

If you find motivation to be a problem, you can read this article here.

There’s just no way the 30 minutes cannot justify your ROI (rate of return) for yourself. You work more efficiently, you are more focused, healthier, and happier.

P.S. one article I read it says it’d be better for you to sleep for half hour less, and use that half hour to workout, than it is to sleep for half hour more and don’t exercise. You really should be getting 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep everyday though..

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