how much sleep everyday?

The 8-hour sleep everyday in my experience I think it’s a myth. An article I read suggests that research shows optimal hours of sleep is 6.5-7.5 hours, and I think I’ve experimented it to find it true for myself.

Why you need to have enough sleep:

1. You get more alert and refocus easier: The danger with not enough sleep is that it doesn’t appear to be not enough sleep for the sleep-deprived person. A study shows that two person, one with enough sleep and one doesn’t, can actually perform a task with the same efficiency. The difference is in performing many tasks over longer stretch of time. Both of them start to lose focus, but the one with enough sleep regain focus better

2. You get more emotionally stable and happier: sleep deprived people tend to be more grumpy, because they are tired. That also affect their communications with others.

3. You are healthier: I think this is just true, conventional wisdom. No way that all these research are false and 4 hour of sleep per day is actually equally good for your health as 8.

Anyways, onto the number of optimal hours – if you sleep too much, its actually worst than sleeping too little. I don’t know about you, but when i sleep 9-10 hours, i just get so tired throughout the day, and sometimes along with a migraine headache.

The research suggest that it’s actually better if u’d have slept 5 hours than if you have slept 9. Anyways, the optimal is 6.5-7.5, and i usually go with the 7-7.5 hours for myself and worked out pretty well. I tried 8 too and seems to be more tired during the day than 7-7.5.

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