First post

This is not an official assignment, just my personal thoughts from after the first class.

So for those who aren’t familiar, maybe I’ll give a brief introduction to the course. It’s Founder’s Institute Program, and it’s meant to help you kick-start yourself into starting a business and teaching you how to be systematic about it and increase your chance of success.

The course consist of lecture, assignments, and mentorship.

The “lecture” part was just as I thought, somewhat valuable but not too helpful. Something that I can learn from reading a book anyways.

The “assignment” part I think is quite good. There are a lot of assignments, they say about 20 hours worth of work per week. They force you to work on your startup in a systematic way and also push your limits. There is a LOT of work, but I like it!

It seems that the workload just gets heavier as the course goes on, (way more than 20+ hours by 2/3 of the course), and it really is very vigorous, which is exactly what I’m looking for. Hope I can make through it all to graduate, and get jump started to start my own business!

Mentorship hasn’t started yet on an individual level, which is the part I’m most excited about. Will update on that when it happens!.

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