1st Email – My Three Initial Ideas

Hi << Test First Name >>,

I’m Stephen Leung. As you might have known, I have joined a program that teaches entrepreneurship. It’s called the Founder Institute (http://FI.co). It will help me develop a series of ideas into a meaningful and enduring technology company. I would like to update you on my progress each week over the next few months.

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Our first assignment is to come up with 3 initial business ideas, and gather some feedback. If you don’t mind, please take a look at my three ideas below and give any comments that you might have. You don’t have to give feedback to all 3, just how ever many you have time to give. Please hit reply to this email to give me comments.

The comments could be something like, do you like or dislike the idea? Does it sound like something that would or wouldn’t work? What do you think could be done better?

(By the way, the names are quite lame right now, will be working on that later XD)

IDEA 1: The Online Delivery Platform

I am thinking to develop an online ordering platform to help people that want to order food deliveries, but don’t know what options they have.

There are big players like foodpanda out there, but I think their selections are few, and the minimum charge or delivery charge is quite high.

My plan is to focus on restaurants that are smaller, but have their own delivery team, like cha chaan teng. This way the delivery service can be provided without extra charge.

Please give any feedback or suggestions if you have any.


IDEA 2: The JobBook

I am thinking to develop an online matching platform, sort of like facebook or linkedin, that matches recruiters with job searchers.

Linkedin already does this, but I don’t think their focus is on recruiting as much as just networking, and as a recruiter for my company, I’ve never found it useful to use it for recruiting in HK, and just end up going back to traditional job posting boards like labour.gov.hk or jobsdb.

My plan is to focus on SMEs and fairly lower-skilled professional labour market.

Please give any feedback or suggestions if you have any.


IDEA 3:  Homework Helper

I am thinking to develop an online ask-and-answer platform, that focus on helping secondary students in HK with online homework help. It will also include features such as paid booking for private tutors and paid online resources such as videos and sample exams.

Students would be able to get answers quickly when they get stuck on a problem, and tutors will be happy to help to increase their credibility on the website, to promote their paid services and resources.

My plan is to focus on matching secondary students in HK with freelance private tutors, with more technological resources such as instant online chat, video and interactive quiz learning, etc.

Please give any feedback or suggestions if you have any..

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