Books Review

Below are the books I’ve read and currently reading regarding entrepreneurship/business and self improvement, and my comments on each. They are in no particular order.

(Ratings are out of 5. 5/5 must read, 4/5 should read, 3/5 barely worth reading once, 2/5 not worth the time, 1/5 complete waste of time)

no Title Author My Progress Rating Category My Comments
1 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey finished 5 Personal Management/Communication Must read for anyone, self improvement and communication skills, if there's only one book anyone should ever read, please read this one
2 Ready, Fire, Aim Michael Masterson finished 5 Entrepreneurship/Business great introductory book on business and entrepreneurship, must read
3 How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie finished 5 Communication/Relationships great read for interpersonal communications
4 The Knack Norm Brodsky finished 5 Entrepreneurship/Business great read for entrepreneurs
5 Zero to One Peter Thiel finished 5 Entrepreneurship/Business a bit deep but very inspiring
6 Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor finished 5 Personal/Employee Management talks about achieving happiness, good book for personal improvement and managing others
7 Awaken the Giant Within Tony Robbins 40% 5 Personal Management great book, I only stopped because I listen to his tapes while I workout at gym
8 The Ultimate Sales Machine Chet Holmes finished 4 Business It was a great book, however I feel many suggestions are outdated for today
9 E Myth Revisited Michael Gerber finished 4 Entrepreneurship/Business good entrepreneurship read
10 Networking Like a Pro Ivan Misner finished 4 Business Networking good read for those who need to go to business networking (which should be everyone in Entrepreneurship)
11 The Personal MBA Josh Kaufman finished 4 Entrepreneurship/Business good beginner stuff but very basic
12 The Reluctant Entrepreneur Michael Masterson finished 4 Entrepreneurship expanded version of ready fire aim targeted mainly at entrepreneurs
13 The Sticking Point Solution Jay Abraham finished 4 Business good business advices, some a bit outdated, not terribly useful for just starting out
14 The Boron Letters Gary Halbert finished 4 Marketing/Personal Management More a fun read and personal improvement book than a marketing book as it was intended
15 The Inner Game of Work Timothy Gallway finished 4 work efficiency/management get a bit boring at times, but a very inspiriting concept about self1/self2, definitely still worth reading
16 Finding the Next Steve Jobs Nolan Bushnell finished 4 Hiring fun nice read on hiring, the author is quite funny
17 The Lean Startup Eric Ries finished 4 Entrepreneurship its a tough read for beginners I think, I didn't really get much out of it the first time. Should read 4 Steps to Epiphany and Startup Owners Manual by Steve Blank first
18 The Psychology of Selling Brian Tracy finished 3 Sales okay read for sales, a bit old school
19 Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill 80% 3 Personal Management some mindset stuff, kind of interesting, but not too practical IMO
20 Great Leads Michael Masterson 80% 3 Marketing/Copyrighting goes quite deep into copyrighting, kind of a hard read, a few good ideas I got out
21 The Power of Full Engagement Jim Loehr 50% 3 Personal Management Not that many great info, just a few useful ideas, a lot too basic
22 Carrots and Sticks Don't Work Paul Marciano finished 3 Employee Management Good ideas, but gets quite repetitive and a bit boring
23 Lasting Lessons from the Corner Office Todd Bucholz finished 4 Business/Interest read Stories about 10 successful, dead CEOs, Not too many helpful ideas, but a very fun read
24 Duct Tape Marketing John Jantsch 70% 3 Marketing decent read, have heard the audios so discontinued reading
25 Smart Calling Art Sobczak 70% 3 Sales – Coldcall Good read on cold calling, but not too many useful applications today since very few companies can utilize cold call successfully
26 The Four Steps to the Epiphany Steve Blank 40% 5 Entrepreneurship The book that started the Lean Startup revolution, easier to understand for beginner than Lean Startup by Eric Reis. Btw, Eric Reis is a student of Steve Blank