About Me

My Goals and Vision

I aspire to become a great entrepreneur and a great leader. I love technology and I want to build web apps and mobile apps that can change the world.

I also want to build a company with good culture that can improve lives of employees and associates.

My current learning focuses are PHP/MySQL, and Lean Entrepreneurships.

My History

I received my Bachelor Degrees in Mathematics/Economics and Finance in the U.S., studying to become an actuary.

However, I started finitehelp.com, an online math video tutoring platform, in my university years, and what started as a side project, turned out to have made me more decentĀ passiveĀ income than I thought.

Since then, I’ve had my eyes set on entrepreneurship, and after finishing an internship as an actuary at AIA, I decided working for someone else, 9-9 (HK working hours, crazy) everyday, was not for me, so I joined my current company, Canaan Internet Marketing.

About my current company, Canaan Internet Marketing Ltd.

I’m currently the COO of Canaan Internet Marketing Ltd.

When I joined this company, we have 5 people total, including me and my boss. My boss was basically a freelancer with too many assistants.

I wanted to build a company though, so I started finding ways to systematize the company. First taking over project management from my boss. Then creating a new product line and taking over sales for the new line. Then hiring staff to take over project management. Then hiring staff to take over sale for the new line.

WIthin 2 years, our company size and revenue doubled, and I learned a lot about running a company, from hiring, management, sales, marketing, to technical knowledge like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL.


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